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Surface Water and Ground Water Management

  • Management issues involving surface and ground water, both from water supply as well as drainage
  • Projects have included rural and urban forest settings
  • Flood flow design and stream flow gauging
  • Snow surveys

Expert Witness

  • Provide expert witness services for both water resource issues and forestdevelopment matters
  • Water Resource Allocation

  • Independent advice has been provided to clients where there have been unresolved issues involving water licenses, approvals and other Water Act matters
  • Professional experience and familiarity with a variety of government agencies (including BC Environment, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment Canada) allow staff to efficiently and effectively address these water issues
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Assessment of environmental impacts on water resources resulting from land-use development
  • Development of restoration and remediation plans
  • Access Management Planning

  • Development of access management strategies through consultation with the public, agencies, water licensees and forest licensees
  • Training and Teaching

  • Development and delivery of training packages involved with forest hydrology, geomorphology, watershed management, road deactivation and forest management
  • First Nations and stakeholder groups
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