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Terrain Stability Assessment

  • Evaluation of terrain stability by Professional Engineer/Geoscientist 
  • Forest road and cutblock assessments
  • Road and cutblock design on unstable terrain

Road Deactivation and Remedial Work Supervision

  • Professional and technical expertise in the development and implementation of road deactivation plans 
  • Sediment Source Surveys
  • Supervision of remedial work crews

Landslide Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation assessment
  • Revegetation prescriptions

Soil Erosion and Gully Assessment

  • Surface Soil Erosion Hazard Assessments 
  • Surface erosion control
  • Water quality maintenance in community watersheds
  • Road and cutblock design assessments adjacent to gullies 


  • Environmentally acceptable alternatives to improving/restoring slope stability, riparian areas and stream channels
  • Revegetation for erosion control

Landslide Investigation

  • Forensic investigation into the cause of landslides including those where there has been loss of life (example: 1991 Philpot Slide in Kelowna, BC)

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