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Forest Development and Cutting Permit Review

  • Field review of cutting permits to address hydrologic concerns
  • Opportunities for future forest development based upon watershed condition
  • Forest development concerns in community watersheds
  • Hydrologic condition and characterization of the watershed
  • Road drainage evaluation

Channel and Riparian Assessment

  • Stream channel morphology and condition 
  • Function and condition of riparian areas
  • Restoration and enhancement strategies
  • Best management practices in riparian areas
  • Riparian large woody debris recruitment assessment
  • Stream crossing design and determination

Historic Time Series Analysis

  • Disturbance history and land-use impacts on water yield and peak flows
  • Historic airphoto assessment of channel morphology
  • Peak flow effects on public resources and fish habitat

Watershed Assessment and Restoration

  • Interior and Coastal Watershed Assessment Procedures
  • Office and field assessments of current watershed condition
  • Identification of potential restoration opportunities
  • Integrated Watershed Restoration Plans
  • Stream channel restoration
  • Road rehabilitation 

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Monitoring project development
  • Sampling and monitoring
  • Statistical considerations in water quality monitoring
  • Assessment and evaluation of water quality compliance, baseline, trend and project monitoring
  • Protection and maintenance of water quality

Channel Monitoring

  • Permanent channel monitoring sites
  • Measurement of physical stream parameters over chosen time period
  • Evaluation and review of watershed and stream restoration activities
  • Channel morphology and quality of fish habitat

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